• Challenger After-School Program

    Homework – Snack Time – Activities - Enrichment

    ONLINE Challenger registration is OPEN.  Please read and register at the bottom of this page.

    What is Challenger?
    Challenger is an after-school, tuition-based, enrichment program for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. By choosing Challenger, your child will look forward to friendships, academic support and an opportunity to participate in enriching activities. The daily schedule includes homework, snack time, healthy activities, and the Challenger curriculum.

    Where is Challenger located?
    If a preschool program, 3K or 4K, is housed at the elementary school your child attends, Challenger enrollment is open to the preschool-age students.  Challenger operates from 2:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. each full day school is in session.  Your child may attend Challenger at the school they attend regular school.  The following elementary schools offer After-School Challenger: Ebenezer Elementary, Ebinport Elementary, Independence Elementary, India Hook Elementary, Lesslie Elementary, Mount Gallant Elementary, Mount Holly Elementary, Northside Elementary, Oakdale Elementary, Old Pointe Elementary, Richmond Drive Elementary, Sunset Park CAS, York Road Elementary, and Cherry Park Language Immersion School.

    How much does Challenger cost?
    The cost for Challenger is $60 per week. A discounted rate is offered to families with more than one child and to families with a child or children approved for reduced or free lunch.

    Who teaches Challenger?
    The Challenger program team consists of the Challenger directors, certified teachers, and teaching assistants.

    How do I enroll my child?
    You may enroll your child to start at the first of the month, however, you must enroll and complete all paperwork before the deadline for the desired start date.  Enrollment for Challenger is on a full-time basis during the school year and attendance must be for at least four weeks.

  • Registering for 2021-2022 Challenger

    ONLINE Challenger registration is OPEN.  Please read and register at the bottom of this page.

    When do I need to register for Challanger?
    For students to begin Challenger the first day of school, there is a deadline to complete the Challenger online registration.  The deadline to register students to attend Challenger beginning the first day of school is, July 23, 2021.  See the complete Challenger Parent Guide.

    What are the start dates and deadlines for Challenger?
    The first month of Challenger begins on August 16, 2021. Please see the Challenger registration schedule here for start dates and deadline dates to register.

    How much does Challenger cost?
    Tuition Fees for Challenger:

    • $60 per week Regular Lunch Students
    • $55 per week Multi Pay for Regular Lunch Students
    • $42 per week Reduced Lunch Students
    • $35 per week Free Lunch Students
    • $35 per week District Employee Students

    To Qualify for the free or reduced rate see information here.
    Payment is drafted weekly. Please see weekly draft schedule here.

    Can I enroll my child during the school year?
    Challenger accepts new students once a month provided the deadline to enroll students to attend Challenger is met and all registration information is complete.
    See the Challenger registration and start dates for registration and start dates. 

    Challenger Online Registration