At Home Library Literacy Activities - 

    The purpose of these activities are to give students option for library literacy activities in the event that students are learning from home.  This could be for a variety of reasons (including but not limited to): quarantine, inclement weather, school vacation, or just for fun!


    Each day you are learning from home, choose a book you have available.

    You can choose different books each day or use the same one more than once.

    If you don’t have a hardcover book or paperback; you may use an electronic book…(See how to look up an ebook using Destiny).

    You will need paper, pencil and crayons (markers or colored pencils will also work) for some of the activities.

    Each day you are learning from home, pick any two activities from the chart for the book you chose.  You may do more than two if you’d like to.



    1. Read a short book or part of a longer book out loud to yourself in the mirror.

    2. Read silently for 30 minutes...any book(s) of your choice

    3. Write a letter to the author of a book you’ve read.  In the letter. tell the author two things that happened in the text that was interesting to you and ask him or her one question.

    4. Draw a scene from a book you are reading.

    5. Create a 3D model to represent something in the text you are reading.  A 3D model is something that has dimension (not flat on a page).  You can fold paper, use craft materials or recyclable items such as cardboard for your creation. (if you don’t have materials available, choose something else).