• Administration

    Principal: Patrick Maness    Email

    Assistant Principal: Kendyl Futrelle  Email

    Assistant Principal: James Ramere Email

    Dean of Students:  Alberto Leon  Email


    Office Staff


    Bookkeeper: Angela Neal Email

    Receptionist: Sedaris Ford-Brooks Email

    Receptionist:  Janelle Miskelly Email

    Floater Assistant: Sonia Crandall Email

    Nurse: Judy Love Email

    Technology Assistant: Michelle Milslagle Email

    Behavior Management Assistant: Mayhana Dunovant Email

    School Security Officer:  Mike Channell Email



    Teacher:  Kelly Watson Email

    Assistant:  Lateasha Gause Email

    Assistant:  Magalys Feliciano Email

    Assistant:  Kayla Thompson Email



    Teacher (French):  Manon Lopes  Email

    Assistant:  Caroline Brouillet Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Jordan Pope  Email

    Assistant:  Shya Maheswaranathan  Email

    Teacher (Spanish):  Rocio Kiker Email 

    Assistant: Luz Rosario Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Stacy Doyle  Email 

    Assistant:  Angel Malone Email

    Teacher (Spanish) Claudia Notaro Email

    Assistant: Paola Barranco Reyes Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Lisa Smith Email

    Assistant: Gail Williams Email


    First Grade

    Teacher (French):  Erica Rayhill Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Erin WebbEmail

    Teacher (Spanish):  Sonia Chavez  Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Margaret Pezello Email

    Teacher (Spanish): Rebeca Garcia Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Sara Brenton Email


    Second Grade

    Teacher (French):  Mia Berindea  Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Emily Parrish Email

    Teacher (Spanish):  Bonnie Jean Avilez de Hudson Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Kathy Guarino   Email

    Teacher (Spanish):  Lucia Hoyle lEmail 

    Teacher (ELA):  Tanjie Woods Email


    Third Grade

    Teacher (French):  Laura Saint-Aime Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Kelsey George Email

    Teacher (Spanish):  Carlota Canteli Email

    Teacher (Spanish):  Aida Garcia Castro Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Missy Wright  Email


    Fourth Grade

    Teacher (French): Jennifer Roehl Email

    Teacher (ELA): Mary-Margaret Goodner Email

    Teacher (Spanish):  Ewa Mielczarek (Leon) Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Michelle Preston  Email

    Teacher (Spanish):  Annette Tull Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Amanda Riley Email


    Fifth Grade

    Teacher (French):  Candice Clerqui  Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Carrie Missaggia Email

    Teacher (Spanish):  Ninfa Lecolant Email

    Teacher (ELA):  Stacy Easley Email

    Teacher (Spanish): 

    Teacher (ELA):  Clydia Gullion Email



    Resource Teacher: Allison Nichols   Email    

    Resource Teacher:  Marty Motz Email

    Speech Therapist: Kristina Stroud  Email

    Speech Therapist:  Keauna Hailey Email

    ESOL Teacher: Zulmarie AllisonEmail

    ESOL Teacher: Linh Le Email

    Literacy Coach: Karen FinleyEmail

    Spanish Coach: Meriam Polanco Email

    Gifted and Talented Teacher: Heather McNay   Email

    Gifted and Talented Teacher:  Yahulda LelonekEmail

    School Psychologist: Sarah Levans  Email

    School Counselor:  Miranda Baskin Email

    School Counselor:  Remi Flaherty Email

    Interventionist: Emily Walker Email


    Related Arts

    Art Teacher: Molly Garrard  Email

    Music Teacher:  Matthew Bratton Email

    Communities and Culture:  Frances Banning Email

    Media Specialist: Blair Austin  Email

    PE Teacher:  Christi Beard Email   

    PE Teacher:  Emily Anderson Email


    Support Staff

    Cafeteria Manager: Sonya McCrorey Email

    Custodian (Leads):   Serese Galette Email