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Mrs. Terry

Born in Rochester, NY, before entering Kindergarten, my parents moved us to a small town where everyone knew everyone and almost everyone was related somehow. About 4 years after graduating, with no idea what to do with myself, a friend talked me into joining the Air Force. I loved every minute! I was the vocalist for our base when they needed someone to sing "The National Anthem", but my real job was working in the clinic, wherein I had many different things I had to do. A few years and two children later, I started my degree in Occupational Therapy, but ended up graduating with a BS in education while living in AZ. In a move back to NY after teaching Third Graders in AZ, I went back to college and earned my Master's Degree in Literacy and worked with students K-12, was a Reading Coach for teachers, a Reading Recovery Teacher, and a per diem trainer with SRA for some extra money. This was all while in the same small district for almost 15 years! I have always enjoyed visiting my family in the Carolinas, and now I get to live here and work at the Castle!


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