• Rock Hill Schools Virtual Academy


    OUR MISSION: To provide Rock Hill Virtual Academy students with flexible and rigorous online learning opportunities that will assist them in acquiring the knowledge, skills and characteristics necessary for college, career and military readiness.


    ★ Student success is the center of each decision.

    ★ Integrity, honesty and respect are important characteristics of the Rock Hill Virtual Academy.

    ★ As active partners in the educational process, students, parents/guardians, educators and stakeholders are responsible for their role in student success.

    ★ Commit to an environment of professional learning that emphasizes communication and collaboration to best meet the needs of our students.


    1. Focus on the individual success of each student and tailor instruction to students’ educational needs.

    2. Prepare students for work and life by providing a 21st century education that encourages lifelong learning in our increasingly knowledge-driven world.

    3. Provide a safe and nurturing virtual environment that promotes integrity, honesty and respect while building on students’ academic and social needs.

    4. Facilitate communication between educators, students and parents/guardians in order to support students and ensure their success.