• On behalf of the Rock Hill Schools Board, welcome to the School Board web section. We are pleased you have taken the time to learn more about your School Board.
    Our school board recognizes that public support and open lines of communication are vital to a successful educational environment for students and employees. Citizens are encouraged to stay informed on the decisions which affect students and teachers, to let board members know opinions on important issues, and to attend board meetings whenever possible.
    Rock Hill Schools is guided by a seven-member Board of Trustees elected to four-year terms by the district’s citizens. The Board of Directors has many duties including:
    • establishing policies
    • setting direction
    • providing support for quality educational opportunities.
    The Board holds two meetings monthly, January through November, and one meeting in December at the Rock Hill Schools District Office, 660 North Anderson Road. There are some exceptions to the schedule. To reach individual Board members, visit our Board members page. To speak during the Board's Regular Business Meetings, please see the Citizen Participation information below.
    This web section contains a variety of great information to help you interact with your elected representatives and participate in the governance of your schools. To your right you will see links to an overview of the Board members (complete with bios), agendas and minutes, a link to Board meetings video archive, and the procedure for speaking at a Board meeting. Feel free to check out all this great information.

Citizen Participation

  • Citizens who wish to address the board at a business meeting about items on the agenda must complete a form for this purpose prior to the time the meeting begins at 6 p.m.  Forms are located at the entrance to the meeting. If the item is not on the agenda, citizens must submit their request in writing to the Superintendent's Office by noon on the Wednesday that precedes the date of the meeting.  The request should state the purpose of the request, the name of the person who will address the board, and a telephone number of a contact person.

Watch Meetings

  • Watch Past Meetings Now

    All meetings of the Board of Trustees are broadcast live on our website. Monthly business meetings are also rebroadcast Comporium Channel 114.


    Watch CURRENT meeting here!