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Dear Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Parents/Guardians,

This year Oakdale Elementary will host our annual STEAM Fair on February 19, 2020. Parents are welcome to come view projects on this day. Additional details will be sent home closer to the event. Students will be expected to complete specific components of their projects each week leading up to the fair. Thirty-six projects, twelve from each grade level, will be selected to be judged by community members, central office staff,and science experts from aroundthe districton February 7, 2020. Out of the thirty-six projects, the twenty-fourthat receive the highest scores, will go on to compete in the Piedmont Regional III Science Fair in Spartanburg at USC Upstateon March 5, 2020. STEAM Fair due dates will be specified at each grade level by homeroom teachers. You may expect at least one component to be due each week, continuing through January 27, 2020, when all third and fourth grade projects are due. The exception will be fifth grade students, who will have projects completed before Winter Break. Your child also received a rubric from his or her teacher, detailing how many points each component is worth. A copy of the rubric has been included on the back of this letter. We are asking parents to sign below, acknowledgingthat you are aware of these expectations and that you will assist your child as needed in completing this project. Your signature indicates that you are aware of when your child’s project is due, that it will be graded, and that you will allow and encourage your child to work on his or her project at home. We are excited to see what topics the students explore this year! If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Full STEAM Ahead!

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