IES Solar Project Update

Posted by Kim Melander on 2/26/2018

I did a quick energy analysis on Independence's electrical consumption for the month of February this year compared to last year and here is what I have discovered:

2/2017 - 20,427 kWh consumed. Cost was roughly $2,043.00 at $0.10/kWh.

2/2018 - 14,619 kWh consumed and 13,156 kWh produced. Net = 1,463 kWh consumed! Cost is roughly $146.00 at $0.10/kWh.

What is significant about this? The school generated 93% of the power it consumed and saved roughly $1,900. We will need to verify these figures with our billing data. 


Rock Hill Schools received a nice rebate check from Duke Energy last week. Our total project cost is about $219k, thanks to this $281k rebate!

Duke Energy Rebate Check