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Inspiring Spaces: Classroom Makeover Program


Imagine if empowering our teachers to dream up plans for classrooms that are welcoming, safe, and unique without any budget restrictions. Imagine how that could impact our students and how they would feel in those classrooms.

Thanks to a new program, we won't have to imagine, as we will be bringing dreams into reality. Click below to hear how...


In an effort to continue supporting the magic that happens in the classroom, our community will be renovating rooms through the Inspiring Spaces: Classroom Makeover Program.

We are proud to announce we will honor three teachers with complete classroom renovations as part of this initiative.

The program will award each teacher the classroom of their dreams from floor to ceiling. Furniture, paint, flooring and more will be dreamed into reality for one teacher at each level (elementary, middle, high school).

This inaugural program is being made possible by Nu-Idea and VS America.

Nominations are open from March 31 through May 1 and will be accepted by video or essay.

Elementary and Middle School Teacher Nominations

Elementary or middle school teachers may be nominated by an administrator, family, coach or alumni on the elementary/middle form:

High School Nominations

Current high school students or alumni may nominate teachers at the Applied Technology Center, Northwestern, Rock Hill and South Pointe High Schools through the high school form:

Program Timeline

  • Nominations will be open through May 1.
  • Winners will be announced during Teacher Appreciation week May 8-12.
  • Renovations will be completed over the summer.
  • New classrooms will be unveiled the first week of school in the Fall of 2023.

Do you want to join in the effort to support students in our district through donations of time or funds? Email