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A Message from Don Gillman

Registration and enrollment for the 2023-2024 program year is underway, and will continue throughout the year.   Whether you, or someone you know, left high school without earning the high school diploma, if you need to enhance your job-seeking skills, or if you need to enroll in English Language Improvement classes,  the Rock Hill Adult Education (RHAE) teachers and staff are ready to help you achieve your academic, career, and personal goals.  It’s as easy as giving us a call at 803-981-1375 to arrange an appointment to discuss which program better suits your needs.  We offer classes in the morning and evening hours to accommodate individual’s flexible scheduling needs.  


We are here to help you choose the program that best suits your needs to reach your personal, career, and/or educational goals.  All RHAE teaching staff are fully certified, experienced, and highly trained in using effective strategies and state-of-the-art technology, as well as instructional software to prepare students for success in achieving their goals. 


Concerned about the cost? 


The annual registration cost is $20.00. 

Session I (July- December):  $40.00 

Session II (January- June):  $40.00

You won’t find a better bargain anywhere; especially, since it includes free access to instructional software and materials.  It also includes access to a College & Career Counselor who provides assistance with career planning, college application & admission processes, as well as employment preparation and training. 



Our personal mindset plays a leading role in how we respond to life’s challenges, and our response to those challenges determines the extent to which we have positive or negative outcomes.  Each Monday morning, a class entitled, “Mindset Monday, Power Hour” is offered as an added-value and designed to help participants establish a mindset aligned with teachings from renown psychologists and other professional thought leaders.  This is another added-value, at no additional cost, and designed to help Adult Participants  “Beyond The GED”.   


Whether you need to earn the high school diploma or its equivalent (GED), improve your English Speaking Skills, improve your job-seeking skills, Develop a growth mindset, or just want to get back in class for self-improvement purposes, Rock Hill Adult Education is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  If you, or someone you know, can use our services DON’T DELAY…Give us a call at 803-981-1375, or drop in at 501 Belleview Road



Don Gillman