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Red Ribbon Week and Word of the Month

From The School Counselor, Ms. Bennett  

Greetings Belleview Families,

As the school counselor I have the opportunity to visit in your child’s/children’s classroom every three weeks.  This year is a little different with our C, A, B schedule, therefore I’m not able to visit every other week as in the past.  

In the month of September we focused on school success and we will continue this topic in October.  We will begin our lessons on healthy choice making in conjunction with our annual Red Ribbon Week.  Red Ribbon Week (October 26 – 30) is a prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States.  This special week is one of the many activities that we participate in throughout the school year to emphasize and reinforce healthy choice making.  Here is our schedule for our special week:

Monday, Oct 26th Wear Red Day for B Day students

Tuesday, October 27th Wear Red Day for A Day students

Wednesday, Oct. 28th = “We Elect to Be Drug Free” Day for A Day students.  Everyone wears red, white and blue

Thursday, Oct. 29th = We Elect to Be Drug Free” Day for A Day students.  Everyone wears red, white and blue

Friday, October 30th = “Say Boo To Drugs” Day.  Everyone wears orange and black (Halloween costumes not allowed)

In September our character word was flexibility.  

Flexible: Capable of bending easily without breaking.  Flexible Thinking: The ability to think about something in a new way   Inflexible Thinking: Only thinking about something one way and not willing or able to listen to other points of view. 

In October our character word is integrity.  This word was chosen for this month because we celebrate Red Ribbon Week at the end of the month.  Encouraging our children to make good choices even when it’s difficult, goes hand in hand with emphasizing and making healthy choices.  

Ideas for Parents to Reinforce Integrity by Jennifer Shakeel. ...

Encourage Truthfulness.    Set a Good Example     Show Love for Others. ...

Teach Tolerance.      Teach Your Child How to Apologize. ...

Encourage Empathy.     Demonstrate Patience.