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Flex Center Alternative Programs Teacher of the Year

A BIG congratulations to our latest Teacher of the Year, Mr. David Norton~ Renaissance Academy

D. Norton teacher of the year


Mr. Norton is well liked by both the staff and students and makes a point of personally greeting each student every morning to make them feel welcome.  Mr. Norton is very knowledgeable about his subject matter and his students as well, he can give you a brief lecture on Quantum Theory followed by the life story of most of his students.  He is also an ‘unsung hero’ at The Flexible Learning Center; he does a lot of the behind the scenes things that make Renaissance and Flex work.  For example, last semester David voluntarily spent an entire Saturday in Columbia in preparation so that the Renaissance students could go on a field trip.  Mr. Norton also collects the recycled material for all of The Renaissance Academy as well as for The Boys and Girls Club.  In short, Mr. Norton is a great teacher, a good man and a proud father.