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Students at Phoenix Academy, Raven Academy, and Renaissance Academy began participating in a slam poetry workshop, Page to the Stage, at the beginning of 2019. Students who qualified by performing a poem in front of the group were then part of the competition. The creators of the program, Jamal Drake & Yolanda Byrum, as well as guests who came to help out at times, led students in exercises in presenting their poems. The classes met two times a week in intense sessions where students presented and performed their own spoken word writing. Each week was a different topic; many of which were difficult. 

What began as a program-wide presentation of slam poetry has evolved into seven students who will compete for the grand prize of $500! This event takes place Thursday, April 11 at the Central Office, 386 East Black Street in Rock Hill, 20730. Competiion starts at 6:00 pm. 


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