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RHSD Education Foundation District Heroes Awards Night

On Thursday evening, May 11, 2023, the Rock Hill Education Foundation held its annual District Heroes Awards ceremony at Elevation Church in Rock Hill. According to their website, "we honor students from every school who have overcome adversity. We are intentional about selecting students who are not normally recognized through traditional measures." 

Students from Raven Academy, Jordan Felder (RRMS), and from Aspire Academy, Amur Forte and Aliyah Coleman (NWHS) represented Alternative Programs.

The nominating teachers included Ms. Ashley Jaggers, Ms. Shanequa Clarke, Ms. Wanda King from Raven Academy, Dr. Felicia Robinson, and Ms. Ina Pascal from Aspire Academy. Also representing Alternative Programs was Mr. Anthony Thomas, Assistant Director.

We are so proud of these students' efforts in overcoming adversity and obstacles to meet and exceed their educational goals. 





not pictured: Amur Forte