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Senior laptop return

  • All seniors will need to turn in their laptops after they complete their exams on Friday. 
  • There will be two lines coming into the library that they will need to get in to turn those in. 
  • They will need to have their laptop, charger and their case when they come to turn in their laptop.
If they are testing off campus, they will need to make arrangements to turn in their laptop to Mr. Robles or Ms. Sexton when they finish testing, on Friday or the following Monday, so we can clear these out of their account for graduation.  
If they have lost their case or charger, the price is below:
  • $40 for a charger that has to be purchased through the school
  • $18 for the case
If there is computer damage and they have already used their insurance for the year, those prices are as follows: 
  • Broken or damaged keyboards - $85  
  • Device replacement - $168 per year based on the age of the device