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Make-up School Information 4/23/20

Thursday, 4/23/2020


Attendance Failures and Make-Up School Purpose: To provide clear guidance, expectations, and procedures for students who have failed a course due to attendance during semester one (Fall 2019).


Attendance Failures and Eligibility: Students who fail courses due to the lack of obtaining the required seat time will be allowed to regain appropriate seat time through a Rock Hill Schools make-up school program.


Make-up School Program Model:  Rock Hill Schools will offer an attendance make up school program that will provide identified students an opportunity to make up attendance through an hourly/daily make-up school attendance model. The attendance school model will be offered during designated days and times that are not inclusive of a student’s regular school class schedule. The make-up school facilitator may assign students instructional assignments or activities that will allow each student to progress on his/her individual learning continuum. Remedial or enhancement learning activities and assignments may be given, which may include virtual or teacher learning assignments.


Progress Monitoring and Accountability: Student completion of attendance make-up school will be monitored by a school based designee to ensure; 1) compliance and completion of assigned make up school hours/days and 2) FA grade(s) are updated on students’ transcript efficiently and in a timely manner.


2019-2020 Make-Up School Guidelines and Procedures:

  • All students who may fail a course during quarter three due to attendance will be waived. Daily attendance for quarter four of the 2019-2020 school year is not being maintained or recorded. Therefore, no student will fail a course due to attendance for any course(s) students are enrolled in during the Spring 2020 semester of the 2019-2020 school year.
  • All RHSD high school students will be allowed to enroll in the RHSD make-up school programs for any course they were enrolled in during the Fall 2019 semester of the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Student enrollment in RHSD make-up school programs may begin April 27, 2020. Make-Up hours for Seniors who desire to graduate on June 6, 2020 must complete make-up school by May 15, 2020. Make-Up Hours for all Underclass students must be completed by May 29th. This is the last opportunity for Make-Up recovery for any Fall 2019 FA’s. Due to the health concerns of COVID-19, “remote/virtual” make-up school will be allowed. All students will maintain a make-up school learning activity log. The learning log will identify; 1) the learning activities students completed during the assigned make-up school and 2) the date and logged hours a students completed during the learning activities.
  • Students must submit their remote learning activity logs on a daily basis by submitting their information on this link:
  • If you have any questions, contact your Guidance Counselor, Ms. Stillwell at 981-1310 or, or Mr. Ahl at 981-1301 or
  • Student must complete make-up instructional activities after 3 p.m. Monday - Friday and anytime on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Student must comply with all RHSD and school based academic ethics related to falsifying information or cheating. Any student in violation of such polices or expectations will not receive credit for make-up school completion and the FA grade for the course will remain on the student’s transcript.

Note: Principal discretion may be applied reasonably and appropriately with the fore-mentioned expectations, guidelines, and procedures as he/she deemed necessary for special circumstances.



Arthur W Ahl II

Arthur W Ahl II

Principal – Rock Hill HS