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Honor Your Senior

June 2020 

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of Northwestern,

The Northwestern Legacy Garden is a multi-purpose venue for students to use during and after school and for classes and clubs to use during the school day.  Funding was started with a grant from Lowe’s and is continuing though the sale of engraved pavers that will become a permanent part of the garden.  We would like to invite you to help us complete this garden by participating in our Legacy Garden – Leave Your Mark program. 

Northwestern's Legacy Garden provides the opportunity for you to honor a Northwestern graduate, a past or present influential teacher or administrator, a friend, or a memory. We have initiated the “Leave Your Mark” program for this purpose.  These engraved pavers will be the floor of our pergola, form the walkway from the pergola to the 40-seat amphitheater, and will be a focal point of the large gathering space at the base of the amphitheater. 

The attached order form explains how you may take part in this worthwhile venture.  We hope that you will give consideration not only to supporting Northwestern High School and honoring your child, but also to encouraging the many students still to enter Northwestern High School's doors.



Hezekiah Massey III


Brick order form