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Summer School Information

For Raider Families who received a letter regarding Summer School for your child. The purpose of this message is to begin registering your student for summer school. You will also find the registration link that will help us to arrange transportation for you if needed. 



Parents can pay online via the e-school payments portal or in-person.


To pay online: After grades are finalized on June 7th, you will be able to go into e-school payments, choose Rawlinson Road Middle School, then navigate to the option to pay for summer school. You will need to know how many courses you will be paying for. As a reminder, students will need to earn 60 or higher for their final grade in each core class. The system will give three options to select: $75, $40, and $40. Please select all that apply. Website:


Please note - if you pay online, there is a $4 charge each time you submit a payment. Knowing how many courses your student needs to complete will help to avoid any additional charges. 


To pay in person: Rawlinson Road will accept in-person payments on June 17th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m


Deadline to pay:

Payments will only be accepted until June 27.

If classes are not paid in full by June 27th, the student will not be able to return in week 2 or complete their courses.


Registration: Please click the link below to register your child for Summer School

Adrienne Cunningham