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Office Hours for our Faculty and Staff

Related Arts:

Coach Browning, Coach Bryant, Ms Hoffman 9am - 11am

Ms. Fann 10am - Noon

Ms. MacAlpine 9am - 11am

Mr. Jenkins 1pm -3pm

Ms. Hershelmann 10am - Noon

Mr. Skellett 9am - 11am

Ms. Tate Noon - 2pm

Ms. Bell 8am- 10am


Team 6-1

Ms. Wogon 10am - Noon

Ms. Patterson 11am - 1pm

Ms. Ownbey 1pm - 3pm


Team 6-2

Mr. Cherry 11am-1pm w/ a Zoom conference at 11am

Ms. Mackie 11am - 1pm

Ms. Colvin 11am - 1 pm

Ms.  Conner 10am - Noon


Team 7-1

Ms. Haley 10am - Noon

Ms Bush 10am - Noon w/ Zoom conference at 11am

Ms. Kobos 1pm - 3pm

Ms. Chumley 9am - 11am


Team 7-2

Mr. Baran 9am - 11am

Ms. Mitchell 10am - Noon

Ms. Lee 10am - Noon

Ms. Parrish 9am - 11am


Team 8-1

Ms. Bennett 9am - Noon

Mr. Anderson 10am - Noon

Mr. Hammond 10am - Noon

Ms. Clamp 10am - Noon


Team 8-2

Mr. Dent 10am - Noon

Ms. Mondo 10am - Noon

Ms. Abernethy 10am - Noon

Ms. Reynolds 9am - Noon


ESE Teachers

Ms. Hunter 9am - 11am

Ms. Walker 8am - 10am

Ms. Chefren 10am - Noon

Ms. K. Mitchell 9am - 11am

Ms. Harris 9am - 11am


Other Support Faculty Members

Ms. Polk 2pm - 4pm

Ms. McNeal 8am - 10 am or email

Ms. Atkinson 10am - Noon or email 

 Ms. Arrington 9am - 11am