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Honors Choir Singers Selected

The Elementary Honors Choir is group consisting of 4th and 5th graders from every elementary school in the Rock Hill School District. Being a member of this prestigious group is a wonderful opportunity to sing with great singers from all over the district, learn a variety of fun and challenging repertoire, and perform in the community. The choir will perform a spring concert towards the end of this academic year. Members of the choir are expected to demonstrate high-level musicianship, discipline, and dedication. Out of the 189 students who came to York Road Elementary to audition, 59 students were accepted. And out of the 59 students, 16 of them were from Cherry Park Elementary.

Cherry Park Honors Choir Participants

Evan Hinson

Jaxon Hawthorne

Ava Manning

Stella Hogge

Jaxon Livingstone

Nyla Culbreth

Madison Grant

Kennedy Query

Abaigail David

Abdul Njie

Kasey Knight

Samantha Roland

Chloe Martin

Layla Shepard

Brielle Mitchell

Ava Mitchell