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eLearning Days

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What is an eLearning Day?


The SC General Assembly has passed legislation that allows the Education Oversight Committee to offer a pilot program for school systems to create alternative methods of instruction for students and eliminate make-up days Rock Hill Schools is one of ten (10) districts that applied and was selected for this pilot program.

If snow, ice, or other unexpected circumstances affect the school district and school is closed for the day, students will be able to access assignments via laptops or other specially-prepared learning materials. The project will help parents, guardians, and school employees plan vacation, family, or other activities ahead of time without having to consider whether school will or will not be in session on designated makeup days. Technology provided by the school system will enhance teachers' abilities to communicate with students.

Rock Hill Schools is currently approved to provide 2 eLearning days, which could take place in the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year (January 6th – June 4th).

The eLearning day is about making up time, and this pilot allows our students, as well as school staff, the benefit of alternative methods of making up assignments and work. Again, Rock Hill Schools may only use 2 days for eLearning in this pilot.

The project will be planned so that all students, Grades PreK – 12, have the opportunity to participate in the eLearning pilot program regardless of whether a device is issued from Rock Hill Schools. The academic and content skills covered in the lessons should be based upon the students’ learning standards and reflect work that would take place in the traditional learning setting. Provisions will be made so that all students, regardless of technology and information access at home, have access to the eLearning resources and materials.

Teachers and employee representatives will be involved in the district’s planning and implementation of the eLearning pilot so plans for make up are developed and easily accessible by all teachers and employees.  

Rock Hill Schools is not aiming to take away the magical time for play on a snow day, and we want students to be able to experience those memories with friends and family. The lessons will be designed that work may be completed and turned in up to 5 days after the eLearning day so that attendance credit may be awarded to students.