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Winter Music Performances

Richmond Drive Winter Music Performances

Plan to attend Richmond Drive nights of entertainment!

All students will have the opportunity to perform.


1st - 5th grades

Monday, December 10th: 1st grade

Tuesday, December 11th: 2nd grade* See special note below.

Monday, December 17th: 3rd grade

Tuesday, December 18th: 4th grade

Thursday, December 20th: 5th grade


All Richmond Drive neighborhood classes will perform at 6:15 PM.


All Richmond Drive immersion classes will perform at 7:15. Both concerts should last about 20-25 minutes.


*2nd grade has an exception. All students in Marin/Cromer's class will perform with the class they go to fine arts with. This will result in some of his students performing at 6:15 and some of his students performing at 7:15.


Richmond Drive neighborhood students need to be at the school at 6:00 on the night of their performance. Neighborhood students will go directly to the cafeteria and sit by class.


Richmond Drive immersion students need to be at the school by 7:00. Any immersion students and parents arriving before 6:50 will go to the gym.



Kindergarten Performances

Thursday, December 13 Immersion Classes - 8:30am

Friday, December 14 Neighborhood Classes - 8:30am