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District-Wide PE Virtual Road Trip for Rock Hill

Rock Hill PE Virtual Road Trip


During this last month of school, we are going on a Virtual Road Trip! Our goal is to visit 13 of South Carolina’s State Parks and 49 National Parks across the US by adding the miles we walk, run, hike, or bike each day. The only requirement is that the miles have to be self-propelled, so motorcycle and car rides do not count. All elementary students in the district and their family members are invited to participate! We will update the map daily so you can keep track of our progress. You can input your miles as often as you would like, by day or by week, whatever works best for you. If completing miles outside your home, remember to practice social distancing and always get permission from an adult.

If you do not have a way to measure or track distance, here is a tip for estimating your miles:

·       walking for 15 minutes would be about 1 mile

·       jogging for 10 minutes would be about 1 mile

·       riding a bike for 6 minutes would be about 1 mile

Click on this site to log your miles,