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Red Ribbon Week 2021

Red Ribbon Week will be held Oct. 25thth – Oct.29th at Mt. Gallant Elementary. Red Ribbon Week is a prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States. This special week is one of the many activities that we participate in throughout the school year to emphasize and reinforce healthy choice making.

Monday, Oct. 25th “Wear Red” Day Wear as much red as possible!

Tuesday, Oct. 26th Paws-itively Drug Free Day Wear clothes with paw prints or clothing with animals with paws. Items for the York County Humane Society will be collected all week and homemade cards too.

Wednesday, Oct 27th Wild about Being Drug Free Day Wear your hair in the wildest way possible!

Thursday, Oct 28th Don’t Let Drugs Sneak up on You Day Wear camouflage clothing!

Friday, Oct. 29th Say “Boo” To Drugs!” Day Wear orange & black!

Items for the Humane Society of York County

-Clay Cat Litter (any brand/any kind)

-Pedigree Dog Chow -Pedigree Puppy Chow -Dog toys

-Purina Kitten Chow -Purina Cat Chow -Cat toys

-Bleach -Laundry Detergent

*Students can also make cards for the precious animals that are waiting to be adopted from the Humane Society!