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May 3rd-7th

Mount Gallant Families!

Our Mount Gallant Knights Dance Fit Fun will kick off in just 3 weeks on Wednesday, 4/21. Our goal is to strengthen our school community by having fun, inspiring our students to live with character, and to raise funds to improve our school.

Heres what all students can get excited about:

  • Fun, engaging character development lessons
  • A high-energy event to give our school a much-needed boost of fun!

If your family feels its not in the position to financially support the school, thats ok. Families can actually support our school by also SHARING about our fundraiser with friends and family online. Sharing IS supporting.

Key dates to remember: 

  • Donating Opens – 4/7
  •  Kick Off – 4/21 
  •  Event Day – 4/29

Thank you for supporting Mount Gallant through the Mount Gallant Knights Dance Fit Fun.

Mr. Moree and MGES PTA