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Birthday Book Club

Birthday Book Club


The Lesslie Elementary Library is starting a Birthday Book Club that will be held the last Tuesday of each month during lunchtime (some exceptions-see list below*). It is a day set aside for children with birthdays during that particular month to invite a parent or special adult to come eat lunch with them. Students will be the guests of honor, getting to sit and eat with their special guests on the cafeteria stage. (Birthday cookies will even be provided for students and guests!) It is also a great time to purchase a book for our library in honor of the birthday boy or girl. Mrs. Adair will have a table set up on the stage with brand new library books, typically ranging in price from $11.00-$15.00. We ask that you consider purchasing one of these books FOR OUR LIBRARY in honor of your child’s birthday. Once purchased, a typed book plate will be placed inside the front cover of the book with the child’s name, the name(s) of the person(s) who purchased the book in honor of the child, and the child’s birthdate. The students will also be recognized on our morning news show, where they will be officially presented with the library books that were purchased in their honor. They will be the first to check out the new books and should return the books to the library just like any other library book when they are finished. Whenever other students check that particular book out, they will always know that the book was a birthday gift for your child that will bring joy to others for years to come. Please be on the lookout for an invitation to come home with your child during his/her birthday month. Simply fill out the information on the back of the invitation and return it to Mrs. Adair in the library.


August and September Birthday Book Club – Tuesday, September 24

October Book Club – Tuesday, October 29

November Book Club – Tuesday, November 12*

December Book Club – Tuesday, December 17*

January Book Club – Tuesday, January 28

February Book Club – Tuesday, February 25

March Book Club – Tuesday, March 31

April and June Book Club – Tuesday, April 28

May and July Book Club – Tuesday, May 12*