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Parent Survey

Dear Parents,
Every year we are required by the Education Accountability Act to collect data from parents.  This year, the Parent Opinion Survey has moved to an online platform and ALL parents may now participate.  
To access the Parent Opinion Survey, clink on this link:
Once at the survey, choose either the English or Spanish version of the survey.  Please complete one survey for each of your children enrolled at India Hook.
Next, enter the seven-digit ID of our school.  The ID number for India Hook is: 4603039
Before opening the survey, the name of the school will appear and you will be asked to confirm that you are completing the survey for India Hook Elementary.
Attached is a letter from Molly Spearman, the State Superintendent of Education, with additional information.  Please read that letter before completing the survey.  

Family Letter (English)

This survey is anonymous, but if you feel uncomfortable responding to any question, you may skip that question.  
Please complete the survey by MAY 14, 2021.
Thank you for taking the time and effort to complete this survey and provide valuable feedback for India Hook.
Christopher Roorda, Principal