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Did you know that in the first 19 days of school, Ebinport teachers awarded 10,890 Class Dojo points to students? This means that our staff members stopped and intentionally complimented the work our students were doing over TEN THOUSAND times. This is huge!
As we continue to teach and recognize positive behaviors and EAGLE characteristics, many teachers have set up incentive programs within their own classrooms. Students can earn rewards or visit the treasure box as they reach certain point thresholds.
As a school, we have created an Amazon Wishlist to purchase a supply of small treasure box prizes. These donations will keep our classroom teachers from spending their own money on prizes and will directly benefit our students. If you are interested and able to share the link below and purchase something off our our wishlist, we would greatly appreciate it! You may share the link with any friends, grandparents, or colleagues. All donations will be shipped to the school.