Code JICDA Issued DRAFT/16

    Purpose: To establish the basic structure for a code of conduct and discipline for students.

    The board expects students to conduct themselves in an orderly, courteous, dignified and respectful manner. This requirement refers to their actions toward other students and teachers, their language, their dress and their manners. The board believes self-discipline is an interpersonal goal of public education.

    Students have a responsibility to know and respect the policies, rules and regulations of the school and district. Violations of such policies, rules and regulations will result in disciplinary actions.

    The district's code of conduct and discipline is established to achieve and maintain order in the schools. In administrative rule JICDA-R, the administration offers a list of offenses along with the required or recommended dispositions for the information of students, parents/legal guardians and school personnel.

    Disciplinary actions will include appropriate hearings and review. The removal of a student from the learning environment will occur only for just cause and in accordance with due process of law. The board authorizes its school authorities to employ probation and suspension and to recommend expulsion, if necessary, to enforce this policy (see policies JKD and JKE). The administration will consider extenuating circumstances when taking disciplinary action.

    The administrative rule is effective during the following times and in the following places.

    • on the school grounds during and immediately before or immediately after school hours
    • on the school grounds at any other time when the school is being used by a school group
    • off the school grounds at a school activity, function or event
    • en route to and from school on a school bus or other school vehicle or at an official school bus stop
    • at any time or place that has a direct and immediate effect on maintaining order and discipline in the Rock Hill School District.

    Adopted 10/23/89; Revised 5/28/90, 06/28/04, 6/25/07, 2/27/12, ^

    Legal references:

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    2. Section 59-19-90(3) - General powers and duties of school trustees - regulation of student conduct.
    3. Sections 59-63-210 through 280 - Grounds for which trustees may expel, suspend or transfer pupils.
    4. Section 59-67-240 - Other duties of bus driver; discipline of students for misconduct.
    1. State Board of Education Regulations:
    2. R43-243 - Special education discipline guidelines.
    3. R43-279 - Minimum standards of student conduct and disciplinary enforcement procedures to be implemented by local school districts.