Use of the Internet

    Student Assurances: When using network or Internet resources, students will…

    1. Use the Internet for legitimate educational purposes
    1. Send e-mail only at the direction of my teacher during school hours
    1. Not register the name, home address, or telephone number of myself or anyone else in any location on the Internet
    1. Not attempt to download or save files to the computer without teacher permission
    1. Not search for, download or print any material that violates school handbook codes regarding possession or display of inappropriate, offensive or vulgar material, or assist any other student in such activities
    1. Not use or attempt to engage in interactive internet exchanges without teacher permission
    1. Not harass, insult, or attack others via electronic communications
    1. Not damage or alter computers, computer systems, or computer networks
    1. Not violate copyright laws
    1. Not trespass in another’s folders, work, or files

    Use of Educational Applications

    Students may be required to download specific applications for educational purposes and utilize Web 2.0 tools as directed by their teacher. These applications and tools are to be used for educational purposes only. Parent(s) agree that downloading and using these applications and tools is permissible under teacher direction.

    Parents are encouraged to request/access the list of required and recommended applications as well as to check the content and applications downloaded on the student device.