• Telephones

    The school telephone is for school business only. Messages for students may be taken by the office when there is an emergency or when it is essential to receive information.

    (Note: Students may not use an office phone to call home unless there is an emergency. Arrangements for after school transportation must be made before coming to school and should be made in writing or in person.)

    Cell Phones

    Students are permitted to bring cell phones to school, but they must remain turned off and in the student’s book bag during the school day. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure proper procedures are taken to ensure cell phones are kept in a safe location within his/her book bag to prevent damage or theft. Ebinport Elementary is not responsible if a cell phone is lost, damaged, or stolen during school hours. If a student is found to be using a cell phone without permission, the following disciplinary action will be taken:


    1st Offense- Student receives a warning.

    2nd Offense- The cell phone is confiscated and will be returned to a parent or guardian.

    Any subsequent Offense- The student will be assigned the appropriate disciplinary consequence based on his/her personal cumulative disciplinary history.


    Any cell phone, picture taking, or text messaging that results in students cheating or which cause major disruptions will result in the device being confiscated with additional discipline at the Principal’s discretion.

    Adopted 7/28/03, Revised 11/14/05, 06/10, 2/11, 7/2012