• Emergency Drills

    The purpose of fire and tornado drills is to teach students the proper procedures for advancing to areas of safety as quickly as possible. Fire drills are held on a monthly basis. Evacuation routes are posted in each room. During a fire drill, students are to line up immediately inside the room in single file and follow the teacher to the designated area. Tornado, earthquake, and lockdown drills will be held at specified times during the school year as required by the school district or emergency management agencies.

    Off-Site Emergency Evacuation Locations

    In the event of the need to evacuate the school building NOT due to a problem with Catawba Nuclear Station, parents will be notified via phone call of the evacuation procedures being used to ensure the safety of all students and staff. It is CRITICAL that the school have working numbers on file for ALL students. Please wait for instructions from district personnel in the event of an emergency. Students will not be released until reunification can be safely accomplished.

    In the event of a Catawba Nuclear Station emergency, school officials would be contacted by local county emergency management officials. If an evacuation were ordered, all Ebinport Elementary students would be moved to Rock Hill High School. Parents should pick up students at the Rock Hill High pick-up point and should NOT go to Ebinport.

    Emergency Telephone Numbers

    Police, Fire or Medical Emergencies                     911

    Ambulance (Non-Emergency Transport)             329-1115

    York County Emergency Management                 326-2300

    Fire (Non-Emergency)                                          329-7220

    Poison Control                                                      1-800-922-1117

    Police (Non-Emergency)                                      329-7200

    Rescue Squad                                                       329-2212

    Sheriff’s Office                                                     628-3056

    South Carolina Highway Patrol                           366-7668