Our district policy states that those students whose personal appearance is disruptive to the educational process and orderly operation of the school may be barred from attendance. All clothing will be worn in the manner intended by the manufacturer with appropriate undergarments and void of any suggestive writing, pictures, and/or patches. Students who fail to comply with the standards may be warned, sent home to change, or disciplined as determined appropriate by the principal.


    • Tank tops/spaghetti straps/tube tops
    • Shower Shoes/flip flops/sandals without side support
    • See-through blouses or shirts
    • Bare midriff tops
    • Hats/caps/bandanas/wraps
    • Low hip pants or pants that don’t fit that allow midriff or underwear to show
    • Clothing with slogans, language, or subjects that are inappropriate / offensive for school
    • SHORTS AND SKIRTS MUST BE AT LEAST AS LONG AS FINGERTIP LENGTH. No short-shorts or mini-skirts are allowed.
    • Pants designed to be worn at the waist will be worn at the waist.

    *** IF IN DOUBT, DON’T WEAR IT. ***

    Dress code applies to all students and any visitors in our building as well!