• Cafeteria

    Students:          $2.20 lunch and $1.10 breakfast

    Adults:             $3.35 lunch

    Breakfast will be served daily until 7:30 a.m. for students.  We encourage students to start their day with a good breakfast.  Unless unusual circumstances exist, a student who enters the building after 7:30 a.m. will be provided a bag breakfast to eat in their classroom.

    Since school cafeterias maintain only sufficient cash to support transactions for the purchase of breakfast or lunch meals, the following procedures will be followed at all Rock Hill School District cafeterias:

    • Cafeterias will not be a source of “change” with the exception of that due a customer as a

          result of a purchase.

    • Cashiers will give customers change back for up to the amount of $20.00 with the purchase of a meal.
    • Balance due the customer who pays with denominations larger than $20.00 can receive change up to $20.00 and the balance will be credited to their school lunch account.

    The food service program offers breakfast and lunch prepared and served by professionally trained personnel.  Each meal is nutritiously sound and reasonably priced.  Students are encouraged to participate in the school lunch program.

    Students may qualify for the Free Lunch Program.  Applications are available at the school and will be sent home.  An application must be completed for each family.  They are completely confidential.  Please return applications immediately after receiving them.

    If a student must pay a full or reduced amount for lunch, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the student has the correct amount.  Students may pay for their meal weekly (on Monday mornings) in the cafeteria or they may pay daily as they go through the serving line.  Students are allowed no more than 3 IOUs at a time.

    Parents are welcome to have lunch with their children at school by paying the adult price for lunch.  All lunchtime visitors should sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass. Please bring a valid I.D. to sign in to the building.

    Cafeteria Expectations

    1. Control of Body

    • Never throw food or any object at any time.
    • Each person is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

    2. Control of Voice

    • While waiting in line, you may WHISPER.
    • You may speak in a quiet voice to those you are sitting with at lunch.

    3. Control of Body, Mind, and Voice

    • Use good table manners.