• Attendance

    In accordance with state law, all children between the ages of five and seventeen must be enrolled in school. It is expected that they be in regular attendance as well as enrolled. Regular attendance is necessary for the expected and desirable academic and social progress of each child. The school year consists of 180 days. Students are expected to be in attendance each of those days, if possible.

    Absences and Tardiness

    We ask that students be present and on time each day so that they will not miss any instruction. When necessary, parents will be called to verify their knowledge of the absence.

    The State Board of Education has implemented a law that requires districts to report truancy data for students classified as truant according to State Board regulations. A child ages 6 to 17 years meets the definition of truant when the child has three consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five unlawful absences. Parents will receive information in writing of excessive absences. Truant students will receive a referral to the Home School Worker and an intervention plan will be developed in conjunction with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s).

    Lawful Absences (excused)

    Lawful absences shall include the following:

    • Illness/Quarantine: Students who are ill and whose attendance would endanger their health or the health of others may be temporarily excused from attendance.
    • Death: Students whose immediate family members become seriously ill or experience death.
    • Medical/Dental: Students who have appointments and bring in a professional excuse. (Time of appointment should be included on the excuse.)
    • Court proceedings: Students that have documentation showing they were involved in court proceedings.
    • Students may be excused for attendance in school for recognized religious holidays of their faith.
    • Students may be excused from attendance in school in accordance with local board policies.

    Unlawful Absences (unexcused)

    When a student is absent from school for any reason other than the reasons above, the child will be given an unexcused absence. Family vacations and trips will be considered as unexcused absences.

    Absence Documentation Requirement

    All absences require a professional excuse or a written note from the parent/guardian explaining the absences(s).  We will accept emailed excuses from a parent or legal guardian. These should be sent to the child’s teacher AND to kbrown@rhmail.org, attendance clerk. The student should deliver the excuse/note to the teacher as soon as possible upon return to school; failure to submit such notes within three (3) days after returning to school will result in an unexcused absence being recorded.  A professional excuse should be obtained from a physician, a court of law or other agencies, which render appropriate services to students.  Absences due to family bereavement will be excused upon receipt of documentation, which may be an obituary or the funeral service bulletin.  All excuses shall be confidential.  (NOTE:  Only five parental notes will be accepted for an excused absence.)  Excuses must state the date and the reason for the absence(s).  False excuses shall be referred to the school administration for appropriate disciplinary action.  When a student reaches five unexcused absences, school officials will contact parents to schedule a meeting to create an attendance plan.

    Perfect Attendance

    We expect all students to attend school every day. Students with perfect attendance may receive  certificates from their teachers.  Students who are eligible will have no absences and/or five tardies or less.


    Students must be in their classrooms by 7:40 a.m.  Those who come to school late miss valuable instructional time.  When late students enter the classroom, instruction is interrupted and students miss important explanations of the day’s work.  Tardies are reported on the report card.  Students who have excessive tardies, 10 or more, will be placed on an attendance plan.  Parents must come into the building with students who come in after 7:45 a.m. As a school, we have made a collective commitment to begin instruction by 7:45 a.m. each day! We need your help with this. Please have students to school on time.