• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    Morning Procedures

    The school is open at 7:05 a.m.  All students should enter the building through the cafeteria doors.  Parents entering in the morning should enter through the front office and sign in.  A valid photo I.D. is required.  The Ebinport Safety Patrol and teachers are outside in the mornings to help students get out of vehicles and enter the school building beginning at 7:20 a.m. unless there is inclement weather.  Students who arrive before 7:30 a.m. and don’t eat breakfast, will go to their designated grade level location which is supervised by staff each morning.

    Afternoon Procedures

    Dismissal begins at 2:25 p.m. using the following procedures…

     Car Riders

    Parents should enter the car rider lines from Ebinport Road.  Two lines are formed and directed by staff members.  Parents must use the car rider lines as the pickup point. Please turn off car while waiting in line.  Please display the name of your child on the cardstock sign, provided by the school, on the dashboard of your vehicle to assist us in quickly identifying which child to call next on our radios.  Parents without a school issued car tag will be asked to park and will have to present I.D. in the front office for students to be dismissed. Students will be called from two separate halls as parents arrive to pick them up.  Students will stand under the awning at the Kindergarten entrance until they see your car and can safely be escorted to your car with safety patrol assistance. The Safety Patrol will assist with opening and closing doors for all students.  Students are expected to always respect and follow the guide of our Safety Patrol.  Parents, please remember to drive slowly and carefully as you pull out.  Watch for children who might run in front of you and watch for teacher assistants.  Finally, car line is a NO CELL PHONE ZONE both in the morning and afternoon. Please help us keep YOUR children safe! 

    Please do not get impatient We will locate and dismiss your child as quickly as possible.  Please remain in your car, and do not come into the school to ask us to call your child to the office for dismissal unless directed to do so due to not having a school issued car tag.  The traffic always clears out in just a few minutes and having to locate a child who is already in a dismissal area slows down our process.  The residents of Swan Meadows subdivision have asked that you not use the front entrance to their subdivision as a parking lot to wait for your child as he/she is dismissed from school.  Please use the proper procedure, which is to get in the car rider line to pick up your student.

    Any car rider picked up after 2:45 will need to be signed out by an adult.  You may do this by parking your vehicle and coming inside the building to the front office.


    Walking students should enter through the cafeteria door upon arriving at school each morning.  In the afternoons, all walkers will be dismissed from the double doors to the right of the main entrance and escorted across India Hook with staff member supervision.  Please do not enter the building to find your child if he/she is in line as a walker.  This practice creates confusion for not only the staff member in charge of dismissal but also presents a safety concern for the children who are exiting the building to walk home.  

    Students who have approval to walk home from school will be escorted across India Hook Road at the crosswalk. At this point, students are off of school property. Ebinport staff makes every attempt to monitor students to ensure their safety until they reach their final destination. Given our walkers go in different directions once they are across India Hook Road, we encourage parents/guardians to take the following precautions: Meet or make arrangements for another adult to meet them once they are off school property, walk with a sibling or another student who lives close, have your child(ren) go immediately home rather than congregate and socialize in the parking lots of nearby businesses, and report any suspicious activity immediately to the school or proper authorities.  Students in kindergarten and first grade will not be allowed to walk without a parent or older sibling.  Parents who pick up walkers under the awning should present a school-issued walker tag.


    RHSD3 Elementary Transportation -Arrival & Dismissal -Guidelines

    In accordance with State Law 59-67-420, “the State, acting through the State Board of Education, assumes no obligation to transport any student to or from school who lives within one and one-half miles of the school he attends, nor to provide transportation services extending within three-tenths of a mile walking distance of the residence of any student.”  If a student resides in a no transportation zone, the parent or guardian is responsible for providing transportation to and from school.   

    The school will only accept handwritten notes for any non-emergency changes to dismissal.  The District understands that emergencies take place.  Therefore, when these extreme situations occur, the parent/legal guardian will need to call the school.  The school must be able to verify the parent/legal guardian’s information before accepting a change to transportation for emergencies.  When the school is not able to verify emergency changes to transportation the school will keep the student until the parent/legal guardian, or an authorized person on the student’s information card can pick the student up.  The decision to allow the emergency transportation change is at the sole discretion of the principal or his/her designee.

    Walkers/Bike Riders

    We want to emphasize the importance of student safety, especially with our walkers and bike riders.  It is each parent/legal guardian’s responsibility to instill the importance of safety and appropriate behavior for students as they travel to and from school.  In the event of an emergency that takes place off campus, please call 911 to alert authorities. 

    Parents or legal guardian of students that walk to school will need to complete an approval form for their student to walk home and this form will be kept on file at the school.  Students in grades Kindergarten through first grade will not be allowed to walk home without a parent/legal guardian, older sibling, or an approved person on the student’s emergency card meeting them at the school.  Anyone other than an older sibling meeting a Kindergarten through first grader will need to have the student’s walker pass in order to receive the walker.

    On severe weather days, it is at the discretion of Administration as to whether the students will be released or held at school.  In the event of lightning, hail, tornado warnings, students will be held on campus, and parents will be contacted with specific information regarding release or pickup of students.

    Car Riders

    All car riders are to only be picked up and dropped off from the designated school pick up area.  Students should not be encouraged to be picked up from areas outside of the school drop off and pick up areas.  Students will only be released to individuals that have the student’s car pass.  Car passes will only be issued to those individuals that the parent/legal guardian has included on their student information card as being able to pick up their student.  If a student is to be picked up by someone without a car pass then he/she must park and sign the student out from the main office.

    Bus Riders

    Any changes to transportation plans will need to be made in writing to the school.  Only handwritten notes will be accepted for transportation changes.  Students will not be released off the bus for grades Kindergarten and first unless an authorized adult is present at the bus stop.  Any student that is not dropped off will be returned to their home school.


    Early Dismissal

    All students who are to leave school due to early dismissal must be signed out of school in the main office by a parent or other authorized person. Please have your I.D. ready when entering the school building. Any adult signing a student out will be asked to present I.D. Students will not be permitted to leave alone or with an unauthorized individual. All visitors on campus must report to the front office first.

    If an unusual circumstance exists (i.e. doctor’s appointment or unforeseen emergency) that requires a parent to enter the building to pick up their child, the parent will have to sign their child out from the office area.

    Due to teachers giving final assignments and the need for the students’ undivided attention, we ask you to not enter the building to pick up your child after 2:00 p.m. Car traffic will be heavy from 2:00 p.m. until 2:45 p.m. due to dismissal; therefore, if at all possible, please follow our dismissal procedures to help us get your child home safely.


    Ride Changes          

    Rock Hill School District Three of York County



    Code JLIB Issued 09/13

    Purpose: To establish the basic structure for the dismissal of students.

    School principals will be responsible to ensure the dismissal of students in a safe and secure manner at the end of the school day as a general procedure for the entire student body or at any other time as a special procedure for an individual student.

    For general dismissal the principal will ensure each student is released only in the option and manner prescribed and authorized in writing by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s). The options for the release of students may include:

    1. established bus transportation service
    2. walking or bicycling
    3. pick-up by the parent, legal guardian or other individual authorized by the parent or legal guardian.

    For early or otherwise irregular dismissal the principal will authorize release only when it is requested in person or in writing by the student's parent or legal guardian. The parent/legal guardian must request all non-emergency early dismissals in writing prior to the time of the requested dismissal.

    Students who become ill during the day may not leave before obtaining permission from the principal or his/her designee.

    The Superintendent may direct that allowable options for release of students vary or be restricted according to the category of school, grade of school or the age of the student. High School students with driving privileges are subject to School Board Policy JLIE.

    Release of child to noncustodial parent or other adult

    For early dismissal or general dismissal, the school will dismiss the student only into the custody of the adult with legal custody or to an adult authorized by the legal custodian. Authorization by the legal custodian shall mean that the adult with legal custody has given signed, written permission, on file at the school office, to another adult to receive the student. In the case of children whose parents are divorced, the school shall act in accordance with court documents provided by the parent/legal guardian, which will be maintained in the student’s school file. It is the obligation of the parent/legal guardian to ensure the most current court documents are provided to the school.

    Principals will establish procedures to verify the identity of the legal custodian or authorized noncustodial parent or adult prior to release of the student. Requests by telephone for the release of a student to an adult not on file will now only be accepted in emergency situations. In order to release the student(s) the school must verify the release by being able to contact the legal custodian(s) via a phone number that is on file and confirm the release.

    Adopted 7/23/79; Revised 5/28/90, 7/26/04, 9/23/13