• Guidance Counselor's Message

    My name is Lou Ellen Holliday, and I am the Guidance Counselor at Ebinport Elementary. It is quite a pleasure to work with such a wonderful school family, and I look forward to working with you and your child.


    As the Guidance Counselor for Ebinport Elementary, I have many different roles to assist in fostering academic, personal-social, and career development in each and every student at Ebinport. Our Guidance Program, based on SC and National Standards, is designed to promote positive self-concept, encourage self-discipline, create enthusiasm for learning, and encourage character development. To foster these areas of growth and development, I will work with all of our students in a variety of settings:

    • Classroom Guidance - Lessons will focus on learning and preventive skills in a variety of areas such as conflict management, study skills, decision making and problem solving, substance abuse awareness, peer pressure, goal setting, career awareness, and respect/responsibility for self and others
    • Individual Counseling - One-on-one counseling is provided for students on an as-needed basis. Students can refer themselves for one-on-one counseling or adult recommendation (parent, teacher, or administrator) for counseling of a student. During one-on-one sessions, students are assisted with self-awareness of their feelings and learning how to express them appropriately.
    • Small Group Counseling - Students are offered support in a nurturing environment to share common issues such as anger management, friendship, study skills, and coping skills for a variety of areas such as divorce, separation, loss and grief. Students may refer themselves or adult recommendation can be made for these services.


    I am looking forward to working with all of our students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff in these settings to ensure that all of our Ebinport students have an academic year full of success. If you should have any questions, please feel free to set up an appointment with me. I can be reached at 981-1553 or at the following e-mail address.




    Lou Ellen Holliday

    Guidance Counselor