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    We welcome you, our Phoenix student, to the Phoenix Academy family. Our family continues to grow. We have served several thousand students since we first opened our doors during the 2003-2004 school year. During that time, we have served students who needed to get caught back up with their cohort, desired to graduate early, needed a flexible schedule, or simply wanted to study in a smaller learning environment.

    All students have the opportunity to thrive, within our nurturing environment, and with our caring staff. All teachers are highly qualified, within their areas of content, and could teach anywhere they would like within the state and our district. However, each teacher has selected to become a part of the Phoenix family and work with you.

    Whatever the reason you are coming to Phoenix, you are welcome.

Phoenix Announcements


Prospective Phoenix Student

  •      If you are interested in becoming a student here at The Phoenix Academy, you will need to contact your home school (NWHS, RHHS, or SPHS) guidance counselor. The counselor should have an application for you to complete. That application will be turned in here at The Phoenix Academy. From there, your academic and behavior records will be reviewed. If it is decided you will be a good prospective student, your parent or guardian will receive a phone call to set up an intake interview. If you would like to have the application completed and then turn it in to your counselor, please click HERE

         Please be sure you understand the environment of The Phoenix Academy: it is self-paced and students work independently. If you are able to focus and manage your time in order to earn credits, then you should fit right in. However, if you feel you learn better with a teacher instructing you and need the traditional classroom environment, then Phoenix may not be for you. 


  • Some friendly reminders for Phoenix Academy Students: 

    • Be sure your ID badge is on your person and displayed correctly. 
    • Your phone should be OFF and in a YONDR pouch during class times. 
    • Do you have your network hours? The semester's end is coming! Be sure to have your network hours completed or you are not able to take your final exam. Three (3) network hours are required PER COURSE in which you are enrolled. 
    • Students are NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE CAMPUS while in school. This means once you set foot on campus, the only way you are dismissed is if you attend ATC/another school or you have a parent/guardian sign you out. 
    • Please refrain from eating and drinking in the classrooms.