• In the first 45 days of school and in the last 45 days of school, your child will be administered the PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening) as required by the State of SC and the Rock Hill School 4K Pre and Post Assessment in Math.  These tools will assist teachers in measuring the fundamental components of literacy (letter identification, rhyming, etc) and math (counting, one to one correspondence, sorting, patterning, etc) so they can target your child's instruction to the areas in which it is most needed. 
    Additionally, teachers will administer less formal assessments throughout the year to ensure that instruction is targeting appropriate skills.  
    These are not "pass" or "fail" or graded assessments.  They simply give us information about skills that have been mastered and skills that require additional instruction or intervention.  Teachers will share results of assessments with you through parent teacher conferences, report cards, and other communication throughout the year.  If you have concerns at any time regarding your child's progress, please do not hesitate to share these concerns with your child's teacher.
    More information about PALS testing can be accessed at the following link: PALS Parent Information