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  • Ebinport Elementary offers an exciting program that focuses on South Carolina State Standards as well as world languages and global studies.  We believe that all students have gifts and talents and that it is our responsibility to help each students reach their academic and creative potential.  All students at Ebinport receive instruction in Spanish every day.  All students also learn about each of the seven continents as they progress from kindergarten through fifth grade and receive a five week intense study of their grade level's continent each year from the related arts team.  Currently, Ebinport offers a language immersion program for each year's entering kindergarten students.  Parents who enroll their child in this choice option program can expect their children to become bi-lingual and bi-literate at a much faster rate than children in the traditional school program.  Children in the immersion program spend half of their day learning math and science in Spanish and the other half of their day learning literacy skills and Social Studies in English.  Ebinport offered the first language immersion program for kindergarten students in 2012.  The immersion program has continued to expand one grade annually and will continue with these students until the cohort of students reach grade 5 and graduate from elementary.

    We hope that you will stop by and ask us about the exciting programs at Ebinport and about the ways you can be involved in the life of our school. 

    To learn more about language immersion programs and to see an example of what a program in our school looks like, please visit 

    The principal at Ebinport, Rhonda Kelsey, is always available and willing to speak to you regarding your interest and your questions! 


    The 2016-2017 School of Choice application process will open March 12 and close on April 29, 2016.  Notification of acceptance will be during the first week of May.  For additional information and the School of Choice Process, please view the Rock Hill School District's School of Choice webpage.  

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