• Dear Sunset Park Families,

          With the flip of the calendar it says June and the end of another school year is upon us. Now is a time for reflection, a time for thanks... and unfortunately some goodbyes.

         Thank you to our PTO parent leaders...Erin Thorne, Kim Martin, Amy Hudson, and Jennifer Cluppert.  People willing to step into these positions are special, and I sincerely want to thank each of them for their service to Sunset Park.  When there was a need, these people filled it!  So as one set of amazing parents move on, a new group, up to the challenge, moves in. We will open up the process for selecting our new PTO board for the coming year this month.  I look forward to working with these folks and the organization that they will lead next year. To support the needs of the Sunset Park community, it takes the work of many. Thank you, in advance, for taking on these responsibilities.

              Finally... a special thank you to our 5th grade families. Thank you for trusting us with your child over the years. I don't pretend that Sunset Park CAS can be everything to everyone. However, I know how hard our teachers work to give your child a safe and valuable academic experience. More often than not, I believe we do that at Sunset Park better than most. Good luck in middle school!

         Summer is a special time and I hope the time you spend with your families this summer is everything you want it to be. Whether you are staying in town or traveling out of it... summer provides an opportunity to do things with the people who matter and that you love the most. Plus... you get to wear flip-flops!

    Thank you, again, for a special year!


    I hope that everyone has a great summer!


    Tammy T. White, Ph.D.