• Greetings!  Can you believe this wonderful weather that we have been enjoying!  I can only imagine what the weeks ahead have in store for us!  I hope that you and your children have been able to get outside and be active.

    When you think of parent involvement, do you picture parents volunteering in classrooms?  That is one way to help, but research shows that supporting your child’s education at home is even more important.  Here are some conversation starters that will help you stay involved.

    “Let’s see what you brought home today.”---Look at completed work to find out what your child is learning and how well he’s doing.  You could comment on his math work or science project.  Also, be sure to respond to notes from his teacher and check his Thursday folder each week.

    “Show me what you have for homework.”---It’s your child’s job to do his homework, but you play an important role, too.  Make sure he knows what he’s supposed to do by having him explain the assignments to you.  After he finishes his homework, check over the work to see that it is complete.

    “Describe a book that you enjoyed today.”---This gives you an idea of what your child prefers to read.  Then, build a daily reading habit by asking what he’d like to read tonight.  Encourage his reading and listening skills by reading aloud to him and letting him read to you.

    “Tell me what you learned that you would like to know more about.”---Use his interests as jumping-off points for activities to share.  If he likes math, you might search for shapes together.  If he’s fascinated by how animals adapt to winter, take him to the library to research the subject or to the zoo to see live animals.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about this information.  I can be reached at 803-981-1260 or TWhite@rhmail.org

    Yours in education,

    Tammy T. White, Ph.D.