Degrees and Certifications:

Associate of Science-Business Management-Spartanburg Community College...Bachelor of Science-Business Education-Grand Canyon University

Mr. Kelly Manning

How long have you been teaching? 
2 Years
What is your teacher mission statement? 
My mission as a teacher is to meet my students where they are and to help them maximize their learning capability. Ultimately, I want each student to leave my classroom knowing they can accomplish anything!
What are your goals as a teacher this year? 
 Bring FUN to Fundamentals, Inspire a love of STEM, Build meaningful relationships with each student.
What IB Trait do you feel you embody the most? 
I embody the "Thinkers" trait the most because I am always thinking of ways on how I can make improvements from one day to the next; or what other methods could I have used to solve a particular problem.