• Reminders for Virtual Families

    1. Classes begin on Tuesday for your child. Your child's teacher has emailed you how to connect via Zoom. If you have questions for how to log on, please email him/her at the address below.

    2. Got a Question? Please email your child's teacher first. If he/she cannot answer it, feel free to email Mrs. Futrelle (kfutrelle@rhmail.org) or Mr. Maness (pmaness@rhmail.org). If you email the Rock Hill Virtual Academy, they will forward the question to us to please email us first. We are your child's assistant principal and principal.

    3. Schedules--Your child's virtual schedule will not match the Virtual Academy schedule. In order to provide immersion language instruction, our teachers do a combination of virtual and face to face instruction and they must follow the Cherry Park schedule as a result. Your child's teacher will send you a schedule of instruction if he/she hasn't already.

    4. Computer Questions? Please see information above and links below for help.

    5. Makeup MAP Testing (Grades 1-5) and Fast Bridge Testing (Kindergarten)--We will follow up with you to schedule that once we know how we will accomplish that.

    6. Computer--If you haven't picked up a computer yet, please contact the school. Please be sure you have completed all the forms and sent us a check for your Technology Protection Plan for $35.

    Virtual Staff Contacts

    All Kindergarten English Language Arts--Lisa Smith mailto:lsmith@rhmail.org

    Kindergarten French (Math/Science)--Karen Finley mailto:kfinley@rhmail.org

    Kindergarten Spanish (Math/Science)--Rebeca Garcia mailto:rgarcia@rhmail.org

    First Grade English Language Arts (Spanish Students)--Sara Brenton mailto:sbrenton@rhmail.org

    First Grade Spanish (Math/Science)--Rebeca Garcia mailto:rgarcia@rhmail.org

    First Grade English Language Arts (French Students)--Erin Webb mailto:ecwebb@rhmail.org

    First Grade French (Math/Science)--Joseph McFadden mailto:jmcfadden@rhmail.org

    Second Grade English Language Arts--Karen Finley mailto:kfinley@rhmail.org

    Second Grade French (Math/Science)--Laura St. Aimee mailto:lsaintaime@rhmail.org

    Second Grade Spanish (Math/Science)--Yahaira Reddy Singedi mailto:yreddysingedi@rhmail.org

    Third Grade English Language Arts--Melissa Wright mailto:mwright@rhmail.org

    Third Grade Spanish (Math/Science)--Javier Marin mailto:jmarin@rhmail.org

    Third Grade French (Math/Science)--Laura St. Aimee mailto:lsaintaime@rhmail.org

    Fourth Grade English Language Arts--Amanda Riley mailto:ariley@rhmail.org

    Fourth Grade Spanish (Math/Science)--Meriam Polanco mailto: mpolanco@rhmail.org

    Fourth Grade French (Math/Science)--Jennifer Fant mailto:jfant@rhmail.org

    Fifth Grade English Language Arts--Amanda Riley mailto:ariley@rhmail.org

    Fifth Grade Spanish (Math/Science)--Meriam Polanco mailto: mpolanco@rhmail.org

    Fifth Grade French (Math/Science)--Jennifer Fant mailto:jfant@rhmail.org