All K-5 students will be issued a district device.  It is expected that the device come to school each day with the child.  Failure to bring the device may result in loss of the device for a specified period of time.  Students will receive specific instructions relating to these expectations and consequences. 


    Knight Way Technology Expectations:

    1.      Be Present:   Device must be present at school each day with student

    2.      Be Ready: Device must be used as instructed by the child’s teacher

    3.      Be Careful:  Device must be well-cared for by the student and respected as school property


    Knight Way Technology Consequences:

    ·       First Offense: Warning, parent contact by teacher

    ·       Second Offense: Device must remain at school for one week, parent contact by teacher.

    ·       Third Offense: Device must remain at school for the remainder of the nine weeks.

    Students who follow technology expectations and have their device each day will receive a reward at the end of each nine weeks!