Mr. Zachary Button

Phone: 803-981-1450


Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: BA in History. Certifications: Certified to teach secondary history in Massachusetts, Arizona and South Carolina.

Mr. Zachary Button

Learner Profile: I believe that the IB Learner Qualities that best describe me are Open-Minded, Communicative and a Risk-Taker.  Throughout my education and professional experiences I have met and learned from people of numerous backgrounds with tons of unique experiences.  These people have helped be open-minded, and see situations through the perspective of others.   I find myself now in Rock Hill due to the risks I have taken.  Moving across country (twice) were huge risks for me, however these risks have shaped me into the man and teacher I am today.


About Me:  I am born and raised in rural  Massachusetts, where I eventually earned my Bachelor’s Degree in History with a focus on Secondary Education.  Shortly after, I packed up and moved across country to Arizona, where I spent three years teaching history and coaching basketball on the Navajo Indian Reservation.  I am currently engaged, and am the proud puppy-parent of a young and rambunctious Great Dane!