• On September 29th, we celebrated RESPECT at our first Leading Lions Assembly.  We would like to congratulate the following winners:


    The Golden Spoon (cleanest cafeteria table): Davis/Bennett

    PAWS Award (best attendance): Pope/Cromer

    Pride Award (safety in the building/during drills): Clawson/Parish

    "Mane" Specials: French~Moore/Turner



                                    PE~ Webb/Hoppe

    Leading Lions (one child per grade-level): K~Ashlyn Simpkins

                                                                                1~Iyanna Sanders

                                                                                2~Tylek Bethea

                                                                                3~Brady Salyer

                                                                                4~Kimberly Quetzal-Escandor

                                                                                5~Jay'len McCoy

    ROAR Award (class exhibiting monthly character trait): Delanoy/Breedlove



  • October 27th Mrs. Greenwood, Leo the Lion and Good Job Granny recognzied RESPONSIBLE classrooms and students!

    Golden Spoon (cleanest cafeteria table):

    • K-2~ Galbreath
    • 3-5~ Crocker

    PAWS on-time Award: (least absences/tardies):

    • K-2~ Moore
    • 3-5~ Crocker

    Pride Award (safety in hallways/drills):

    • K-2~ Davis
    • 3-5~ Roch

    "Mane" Specials:

    • French
      • K-2~ Patrick
      • 3-5~ Price
    • Music
      • K-2~ Flaherty
      • 3-5~ Daniels
    • Art
      • K-2~ Achenberg
      • 3-5~ Salisbury
    • PE
      • K-2~ Saunders
      • 3-5~ Hoppe

    Leading Lions (one per grade level for most responsible):

                                    K-Andrew Hyatt

                                    1-Kat Larkins

                                    2-Genesis Barber

                                    3-Ryleigh Hadley

                                    4-Mayte Rivera Garduno

                                    5-Nasr Alshamam

    ROAR Award (Overall class showing most Responsibility):

    • K-2~ Marty
    • 3-5~ Parrish