• Each month every teacher has the opportunity to recognize ONE student from all of thier program classes taught at ATC. This student may or may not have the highest grade in the class, but the qualities that make a STAR STUDENT are exemplary employability skills.

    Each month, a Star Student is picked that possesses these qualities:

    • Communication- The ability to convey information in both verbal and written formats that is appropriate for the needs of a target audience.
    • Interpersonal- The ability to form working relationships, listen effectively, manage conflict, respect cultural differences and have a global focus on interpersonal skills.
    • Teamwork- The ability to work in groups toward a combined effort
    • Leadership- The ability to influence, supervise, direct and motivate others to achieve an objective.
    • Problem solving- The ability to understand and deal with difficult questions or tasks, to apply logic to review the information, identify problems, their causes and evaluate options for the best solution.
    • Initiative and enterprise- the ability to act promptly, with a readiness to be energetic and inventive and contribute to innovative outcomes.
    • Planning and organizing- The ability to coordinate and give an orderly structure to things or tasks.
    • Self management- The ability to cope with, priorities and meet commitments. To have clear personal goals, be pro-active in planning, and time management. To show the ability to show professional restraint.
    • Accuracy- The ability to be precise and correct in approaching tasks and having an eye for detail.
    • Lifelong Learner- Acquire additional new knowledge or skills.
    • Flexibility- The ability to welcome and manage change.
    • Creativity/Technology- The ability to imagine new ideas or methods, and use technology.


    February 2022 - Star Student

    October 2022 - Star Student

    December 2022 - Star Student



    October 2020 - Star Student

    January 2021 - Star Student

    February 2021 - Star Student

    April 2021 - Star Student

    May 2021 - Star Student

    June 2021 - Star Student



    September 2019 - Star Student

    October 2019 - Star Student

    November 2019 - Star Student

    December 2019 - Star Student

    April 2020 - Star Student 

    May 2020 - Star Student



    September 2018 - Star Student

    November 2018 - Star Student

    December 2018 - Star Student

    January 2019 - Star Student

    March 2019 - Star Student

    May 2019 - Star Student



    September 2017 - Star Student

    October 2017 - Star Student

    November 2017 - Star Student

    December 2017 - Star Student

    January 2018 - Star Student

    February 2018 - Star Student

    March 2018 - Star Student

    April 2018 - Star Student

    May 2018 - Star Student