• 3rd grade

    Third grade is the year in which most students transition from 'learning to read' to 'reading to learn.’  Students continue to build their lives as readers and writers of both fiction and nonfiction.  In Reading Workshop, we focus on literature, informational, and then more on literature.  In Writing Workshop, we begin by writing true stories of our lives.  Next, we write informational, opinion, and fictional pieces.  Students use these reading and writing skills to research and learn many things in Science and Social Studies.  In Social Studies, students travel through time with a specific focus on the state of South Carolina.  We study the regions of South Carolina, Early SC (Natives and Explorers), Revolutionary War, Civil War, and major developments in the 19th and 20th centuries.  In Science, we study Earth’s materials and processes, properties and changes in matter, environments and habitats, energy transfer, and electricity and magnetism.  Throughout the year in Math Workshop, we learn about place value, addition and subtraction, patterns, graphing, multiplication and division, quadrilaterals, fractions, and measurement.  We also take several field trips throughout the year, a favorite being Historic Brattonsville.  Third grade is such an important year, and we are excited to to make memories with your child!