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    Kindergarten is a building block for the rest of your child’s learning experiences.  Kindergarten students learn through a balance of play, hands-on centers, and active engagement.  We meet new friends and learn how to communicate and collaborate. Math in kindergarten focuses on number sense, shapes, simple addition and subtraction, and solving real world problems.  During writer's workshop we write personal stories, learn how to write about our opinions, and write informational books.  In kindergarten, we will build foundations in reading and learn to love reading and books. Science activities include exploring our five senses, living and nonliving things, weather and investigate properties and materials.  In social studies we learn how to be a good citizen, explore maps, learn about past and present and learn the importance of our national symbols and holidays.  Kindergarten is such an exciting time for learning and growth! Students in kindergarten at Sunset Park are prepared for elementary school and beyond by learning skills that promote academic acceleration and a love of learning.

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