• safety patrol

    Safety Patrol at Sunset Park is a privilege granted to fifth graders. These students help with morning and afternoon car duty and hall duty.  They are also responsible for our flags.  In order to become a member of our Safety Patrol a student must apply and submit an essay.  Applications are available to all fifth grade students interested.  The applications are reviewed by the sponsors. Students are on duty for one semester.  At the end of each school year, the Rock Hill Police Department takes safety patrol members on a trip.  The last two years the patrols have spent several days touring and site seeing in Charleston, SC.  Our Safety Patrol learns discipline and responsibility while performing their duties.

    **Safety Patrol Members Guidelines**

    1. Be a positive role model for other students.

    2. Maintain a grade of *C* or better in all areas.

    3. Complete homework on a daily basis.

    4. Are prompt and on time. 

    (Early Crew arrive at 7:00am / Afternoon Crew dismissed at 2:50pm.)

    5. Wear belts every day, remain in assigned location, and follow all patrol rules.